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Boise Laser Gum Therapy

Enjoy the Benefits of Laser Dentistry without Scalpels & Drills

If the thought of needles or dental drills has kept you from getting the care you need, it’s time to schedule your treatment. Advanced laser dentistry allows Stevens Dental to improve the health of your smile while preserving your comfort. Lasers can be utilized for both hard and soft tissue treatments, replacing dental drills or scalpels.

Advantages of laser dentistry include:

  • No drills. No scalpels.
  • Minimized need for anesthetic.
  • Reduced bleeding and swelling.
  • Minimized discomfort.
  • Greater precision.
  • Faster post-operative recovery times.
  • Shorter visits: no need to wait for anesthetic.

Our Boise dental professionals can answer any questions you may have about our therapy. Contact our office at (208) 504-0968 to schedule an appointment.

Pain-Free Visits with BIOLASE Laser Dentistry

Does Laser Gum Therapy Hurt?

WaterLase iPlus™ by BIOLASE combines the power of water and laser light to perform the functions of a dental drill, causing virtually no pain. How is this possible? Drills themselves do not create discomfort. The pressure, heat, and vibration that drills generate cause you to feel pain. BIOLASE WaterLase does not produce any adverse effects and provides greater accuracy, affording our Boise dentist the opportunity to preserve more of your healthy tooth structure or gum tissue. Laser dentistry can also be incorporated into soft tissue treatments in place of a scalpel, alleviating the need for stitches and drastically improving recovery times.

When Can BIOLASE Laser Dentistry Be Incorporated into Treatment?

WaterLase is a versatile tool that can cut through hard tissue, such as tooth and bone, or soft tissue. This allows your premier Boise dentist, Dr. Stevens, to utilize laser dentistry to perform painless procedures.

BIOLASE laser dentistry is perfect for:

To learn more about BIOLASE, a more comfortable visit, and why lasers improve post-treatment, call our office at (208) 504-0968 to schedule a consultation.

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