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Comprehensive Periodontal Procedures in Boise

Offering the Gum Care You Need for a Beautiful Smile

We want to ensure the health of your smile. To this end, we strive to make your treatments more comfortable and convenient for you so that nothing stands in the way of you looking and feeling your best. That’s why Stevens Dental offers a wide range of periodontal procedures, from dental bone grafts to periodontal maintenance.

Some common signs of gum disease include:

  • Redness or swelling of the gums
  • Gums that bleed when you brush your teeth
  • Gum sensitivity
  • Recession of the gum tissue
  • Pus at the gum line
  • Persistent bad breath or bad taste in your mouth

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to contact our Boise dental office. We can schedule you an appointment to address your concerns. Call us at (208) 504-0968.

Scaling & Root Planing

An effective gum disease treatment, scaling and root planing is a nonsurgical procedure that allows us to clean the teeth and gums, dramatically reducing periodontal pocket depth.


This periodontal procedure is utilized to remove gum tissue. Our dentists may recommend this treatment to remove gum tissue that has been infected by periodontal disease or to trim away excess gum tissue for patients who have a gummy smile.

Periodontal Maintenance

After gum disease treatment, it is necessary to schedule maintenance appointments to keep your gums healthy. The bacteria populations that cause gum disease are always present in the mouth and can be reduced and controlled with periodontal maintenance. Periodontal procedures are similar to deep cleanings and are performed at regular intervals, typically every three to four months.

Bone Grafting

Dental bone grafting is a method of replacing lost bone tissue with donor bone from another part of your mouth or from a tissue bank. Dental bone grafts are generally needed after tooth loss or before the placement of dental implants.

Ridge Augmentation & Preservation

When a tooth is lost, the bone at the site begins to deteriorate. The process occurs rapidly and can drastically alter the shape of your gum line when the bone underneath is gone. Gum tissue may sag over the empty tooth socket. Ridge augmentations are periodontal procedures that rebuild the contour with either soft tissue augmentation or dental bone grafting. When dental bone grafting is utilized preemptively, it is called ridge preservation. With this method, our Boise dentists place the grafting material at the time of extraction to preserve the shape of the gum line.

To learn more about our periodontal procedures, don’t hesitate to contact us at (208) 504-0968.

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